Friday, January 17, 2014

Mixing the Cloud

Direkt Influence has consolidated some of it's DJ mixes into a mixcloud. Here's the link. More mixes will be uploaded periodically.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Welcome! We're back on the interwebz..

Welcome to the new Direkt Influence blog, which will serve as our non-social media web support. Make sure to check back for upcoming events, DJ mixes, random nonsense and rave drama. Thanks! -DI Collective

Current Roster:
|||DJs/ MCs / Live Acts|||
Ashley Mac  (MC/vending Utica)

Bebop (DJ/Percussionist Sylvan Beach)

Bender (DJ, Syracuse NY)

DA (DJ, sound and lighting Utica)

DJ 8 (DJ, web design, Boston)

Kogswell Kox (DJ/producer Utica)

Manny (DJ/host of State of the Scene, Utica)

Miss Dilate (Live electronic, vocals, Utica)

Muph (DJ, Utica)

Phigment (DJ, Producer, sound engineer, Utica)

Phungeye (DJ, producer, live electronic artist,Utica)

Planemo (DJ, radio host, collage artist, Utica)

Rizzo (DJ, lighting, Utica)

Rob Navarro (DJ, Syracuse)

Robbie Voss (DJ/producer, Oneida)

Scanner Darkly (DJ/producer/graphic designer, Cherry Valley NY)

Vogel (DJ, Utica)

Christopher Lawrence (Promoter)

Hannah Kraft (Promoter)

Kristin Betzenhauser (Promoter)

Siobhan Woods (PR/Promotions/Branding)